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The week begins with the Moon in Gemini, which establishes the energy theme. This week is all about getting deep into your emotions, working intensely on things youʻre passionate about. Shadow integration will be a huge deal this week so be open to exposing those wounds (at least to yourself) for the necessary healing.

poʻakahi - 22 ʻaukake

There’s no mistaking the fact that the Moon begins the week Huna, while in the sign of the zodiac associated with secrecy, Scorpio. The psychic realms and occultism are strongly linked with the Huna Moon and Kahuna, or keeper of secrets, are associated with this term. In the East, this is considered to be the most powerful lunar day and is linked to Kundalini energy, the most potent energy in the Universe. It is symbolized by a fire breathing moʻo, serpent or dragon. Youʻll want to finish everything you start, and it would be good to fast and cleanse. Early this morning, probably before you wake up, the Moon will move into Sagittarius which can make the liver, skin, blood and circulatory system vulnerable. Sagittarius is known for higher knowledge and long distance journeys. Maybe you will learn something new from a friend abroad. Maybe youʻll set out on a new adventure.

poʻalua - 23 ʻaukake

The day starts off with the Mōhalu Moon which is a special time of gratitude and prayer. I would get outside and do some sungazing and give mahalo to ka Lā. When the Moon rises later in the evening, she will be Hua. This term ties in with itʻs shape which resembles and egg, a seed or even fruit. In the Chinese Calendar it is symbolized by a Wheel which speaks of our existence in perpetual motion like a wheel. Itʻs the motion of how energy flows. This is a good time to correct karma and gather and exchange knowledge.

The Goddess of Love and Beauty will oppose the God of the Underworld which bring balance. See how relationships are acting as a mirror to reflect what is going on within. Toxic people will either remove themself or you will finally do whatʻs necessary to bring harmony into your life. If you or the other person arenʻt will to change, then itʻs time to move on. Healthy relationships will flourish under this transit, so make sure youʻre clearing out anything that isnʻt helping to move you both to the next level, whatever that might be. Be careful with investments, focus on paying back debts rather than buying big ticket items.

poʻakolu - 24 ʻaukake

In the wee hours of the morning, the Moon moved into Capricorn, the sign of the Sea Goat. If your life was not on track, now is the time to make some plans and set things in order. Your standing with higher-ups may be front and center. Maintain a balance between working hard and lounging about. Put out the effort that will lead you closer to your personal definition of success. A collective sigh of relief can be heard today as Mars moves into Taurus. Mars’ time in Aries was marked by a bustling, assertive, and even aggressive vibe. Now that we’re in the mellow, placid, and resourceful sign of the bull, we have the opportunity to take things easy and enjoy the moment. Avoid becoming wrapped up in material wealth and refusing to make necessary adjustments.

poʻahā - 25 ʻaukake

The Universe isnʻt easing up on us for long, today we have the Sun/Uranus square, Mars/Neptune sextile and the Full Moon in Sidereal Capricorn all while acclimated to this influx of energy from the Lionʻs Gate Portal from the 8th, which I didnʻt mention because everyone is talking about.

Today, you may feel restless or bored and not want to deal with any limitations. So change things up…again, this could be easier said than done with Mars in Taurus because Mars governs how to take action and Taurus doesnʻt really like to change (itʻs a fixed sign). Since he’ll be collaborating with Neptune, I know it’s a good day to trust our instincts, listen to our gut, and let our imaginations run wild. During this time of the Full Moon in Capricorn, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re only in charge of yourself and no one else. Don’t be so cruel to your coworkers or yourself, and break your workaholic habits. I’ll write an in-depth post on this subject for my blog.

poʻalima - 26 ʻaukake

Do things in a different way–yet more heavenly support to change shit up. The Moon is currently in Aquarius and will remain there till Lā Pule (Sunday), so use this time to be forward thinking and innovative. Be spontaneous, be your unique self and participate in a group activity. The Moon will be Māhealani so use the energy of Aquarius to apply a fresh approach to any issues that come to light.

poʻaono - 27 ʻaukake

No major aspects today but the Moon will rise Kulu later tonight, so you probably wonʻt experience the energy until tomorrow.

lāpule - 28 ʻaukake

As the Moon enters Pisces, the Sun and Saturn will be in opposition, and Mars will trine Pluto. Frustrating roadblocks and delays are possible. Do not let this discourage you; instead, persist on your current course of action. Mars and Pluto can give you the motivation to follow through on your goals, but the hardest part is getting started. In order to avoid disruption, continue doing the same things you have done. The Moon is in ethereal Pisces, indicating a lazy Sunday in with Netflix or getting lost in a good book. Don’t worry, you can continue to work tomorrow if you’re not feeling like doing much today.

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