need some spiritual guidance?

Readings are $55 each unless you do a bundle which is a max of 3 readings per session, for $111, itʻs like getting your 3rd reading for $1.

It must be paid at the same time and for the same session via Venmo. Please allow me 48 hours to respond. I do readings Monday – Friday so if you pay for one on a Saturday I may not respond until Tuesday to confirm your reading.

Iʻm am currently booking appointments for the month of September. Please use the calendar below. You will be asked a series of questions.

Tarot or oracle card reading. All readings are recorded and uploaded as an unlisted video to my YouTube channel. The link will be sent to you as soon as itʻs uploaded. The time slot you are choosing is just to block it out in my calendar so I can record it. You do not need to be available at that time so just pick whatever time slot you wish. Mahalo!