want to learn more about yourself through your cosmic blueprint? I got you, boo!

If youʻre feeling lost, stuck, helpless and confused, I can help to fill in these gaps by breaking down what each planet represents, what the aspects mean for you and how this all comes together to paint a picture of your highest timeline. If you want to live in your truth and be the highest version of yourself, understanding your Sidereal Natal Chart plays a huge role is the key! Truly innerstanding your purpose, why things happen to you, and identifying parts of yourself thatʻs holding you back can be perplexing. The clarity you will gain by receiving a natal chart reading is priceless!

Youʻll get a 5-6 page PDF of your Sidereal Natal Chart (peep the image below) with the placements (sign, degrees and houses) of all 8 planets and the 2 luminaries, solar body aspects to each other, special features and chart patterns (if any). Youʻll also receive an audio file of me explaining what the sign and house placement of each planet & luminary means about you and Iʻll interpret 3 of the strongest aspects in your natal chart. These recordings can range from 45 mins. or more. Please allow me at least 3 business days to deliver your items.

Please include your birth time, date and location in the notes and make your payment private.

get your natal chart

When I first looked into my Sidereal Natal Chart, it instantly made so much more sense to me and gave me the clarity I needed to get my life together. Western Astrology is a little off, and never really resonated with me, so I didnʻt take Astrology seriously until I started utilizing this system.

If youʻre familiar with Astrology, or want to study it for yourself, you can get just the PDF.

Please include your birth time, date and location in the notes and make your payment private.


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