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native hawaiian

I am a mother of 4 first, theyʻre the Suns in my solar system. Iʻm a Native Hawaiian residing in the state of Utah. I host a podcast called Higher Self Hine and I run an account on Instagram called @maddahearth. My big passion is spiritual guidance. As an Astro-Lifestyle Coach, and Certified Metaphysical Practitioner (CMP) I specialize in Tarot, Mana Medicine & Modern Sidereal Astrology. The labels donʻt really matter, but I know you are here reading this because you want to see if my offerings can help you.

I have always been drawn to helping others because it gives me the most fulfillment and I truly believe in the concept that we are here to walk each other home. Home may look different depending on the person youʻre talking to. It could be a place of empowerment, creating more freedom, generating another stream of income, finally leaving behind self-impose limitations, peace of mind, or even something as simple as being present in the now. After my 43 years on Earth, Iʻm seasoned enough with life experiences to be able to guide you through it all and still learning more about this journey called Life.

I’ve been dabbling in spirituality, esoteric and the occult since I was a teen. My mother bought me my first tarot deck and crystals, even though I’ve never seen her utilize her own—I don’t even think she’s very spiritual and she is def not religious either, so I’m not sure why she did that for me when I was in the seventh grade.

As an adult, I got my CMP through an online course and havenʻt looked back. Iʻve taught online, done thousands of client readings and created many Sidereal Natal Charts. It is the most fulfilling and fun job Iʻve ever had to date.


Get To Know | kēhau Paulo

natal chart:   Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon, Cancer Rising

human design + enneagram:   Projector + 8

Must Have Accessory:   Nails did

Best Advice:   Use affirmations + mantras

Describe yourself in one Word:   Astrobae

favorite genre of music:   90ʻs hip hop

i may be mean but i mean well

I believe in kindred connections at first sight. I believe in a conscious lifestyle & trap meditation. I believe in good ♫, lashes & winged eyeliner. I believe carbs & crystals are the best way to a woman’s heart. I believe Kundalini yoga, prayer, a trip to the farmers market & a deep massage can cure any bad day. I believe a wahine can never have too many essential oils, herbal teas, or oracle cards. I believe in quality family time. I believe in fighting for what I love. I believe that boss goddesses are the most attractive girls. I believe that waking up tomorrow is a blessing & I believe that magick surrounds us. -yours truly